Summer flower arranging - foilage bouquets are Easy! Design Classes at the Camellia

How many of you have an abundance of Foilage right outside your door but you are not sure how to create a beautiful foilage arrangement? This post is for on this link and read on...

Ivy plants can be trimmed to provide long lengths of trailing greenery....or you can work the Ivy plant, pot and all, into your design. Arranging Flowers is a great stress reliever....creating something beautiful out of foliage in your backyard makes you feel so....well. like a Florist in Napa Valley creating something fabulous for an outdoor gathering! 

What can you use? Cut Hosta leaves from your Garden. 


Have Hops vines..? Use them to create a trailing effect in your design. 


Birch leaves, maple leaves, tamarac branches are all beautiful in a foilage bouquet. 

Farrow and Ball Thunder Bay

Here we are drawing Inspiration from potted greenery outside #FarrowandBall's Toronto showroom. Love #FarrowandBallPaint and want to buy it in #ThunderBay? We can order it in for you here at #TheCamellia. Come in to see the latest Farrow and Ball Designer colour deck, which shows you actual paint colours. 


Don't forget to use mosses gathered from your yard, in your Foilage Bouquet! Interested in learning more? Attend a Floral design class at #theCamellia. 
Check our website link for upcoming classes:

The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On 
p (807) 475 3551


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