A Visit to Rachel Ashwell's PRAIRIE Ranch, in Roundtop,Texas.

Today we are heading off to visit Rachael Ashwell's The Prairie.  Rachel Ashwell's inspiration came from wanting a home that was nice, yet suitable for living with kids and pets. She started making slipcovers, hence the term Shabby Chic.  She is the inventor of the Shabby look, the Queen of Shabby Chic. Shabby Chic refers to a comfy lifestyle, rumpled clothing, lots, and we mean LOTS of WHITE, faded floral patterned fabrics, always topped with a glam blingy chandelier.

The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell is inspired by Marie Antoinette, and Gone with the Wind. A key component of this look is Fabric,and  plump, overstuffed pillows. The weathered and worn.  Slipcovers on sofas and chairs are an important part of this look. Can you imagine plopping yourself down in this chair? If you are tired of the rat race, the Prairie is where you need to be. 

Toiletries to pamper yourself.

This is the dining-room in the Liliput Lodge. A timeworn Farmhouse wooden table with chairs slipcovered in Rachel's floral chintz. Where is Roundtop, Texas? It is a tiny town about 75 miles from Austin and 85 from Houston. 

These doors lead to Rachel's Laundry Room, which smells wonderful as you walk in. Love the chintz fabric on the glass doors, a great tip to use if you have a messy room. A hallmark of Rachel Ashwell style is mixing various fabrics and Bedding together. The main Homestead house was built in the 1800s. There is something almost magical about staying in a place that is very old.

Dried Lavender is a must on a Laundry Room - our Lavender here at #TheCamellia is grown on farms on Vancouver Island.

You can really get that heavenly Lavender smell by crushing the buds between your fingers.

An easy DIY project is making Lavender scent bags - buy the Lavender buds at our store, #TheCamellia, Stuff lavender buds into sheer bags, and place in between folded sheets and pillowcases. Lavender helps repel Moths, as well as making all your Laundry smell good. 

A proper Shabby chic kitchen with Texas longhorn detail. 

Love the juxtaposition of the distressed wooden doors with the modern dishwasher. 

The Porch, encourages you to sit, and relax, and just be. 

All photo credits go to Tanya, who stayed at The Prairie. Thank you Tanya!

Rachael, as always, is dressed comfortably in jeans, with that Boho-chic look. What sums up the Rachael Shabby Chic look..... ? A casually knotted scarf, beloved cowboy boots, her one and only fav belt, and jeans. 

Want to book a stay at The Prairie? http://www.theprairiebyrachelashwell.com/rooms.html

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