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How to Spring Clean naturally, Spring at The Camellia

All of a sudden, it's Spring in Northern Ontario. We went from complaining about how cold it was, to plus 30C the next day. And our northern bodies couldn't handle all that felt like you had just gotten off the plane in Florida, in July. The sweat starts to trickle down your back, and you try not to scream as it feels as if a big bug is crawling on your back, under your shirt. We are so unused to sweating here in Northern Ontario, with one exception, when we are in the sauna. 

It's a symphony of birdsong, with our Robins and Hummingbirds returning, and crickets and frogs waking up in our pond in the back. It feels like the Earth is alive and well, a welcome change from the silence and white of Winter. 

Our thoughts turn to Gardening and planting flowers and vegetables. 

Willows fuzzed out very quickly, as it wasn't a gradual warming. 

Here in Slate River Valley, we welcome all the new baby animals. 

We just feel like airing out our homes, and washing our line…

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