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DIY Facial steams are good for your Face, The Camellia, Slate River, On

Summer is drawing to a close, and for those of you who are gardeners, now is the time to dry your garden blooms. You can use them in the winter in DIY therapy for Facial steams. 

Here we are drying Calendula petals. 

Zinnias dry beautifully and retain that vibrant pink colour. 

Sunflowers also dry nicely, and their petals turn a golden yellow in colour. 

Peonies...glorious Peonies. We dried so many peonies this Summer! You can place all your petals into a steaming bowl of water, (taking care not to burn your face) , place your face over the bowl and breathe in. 

Enhance your at-home Spa experience with soft, fluffy towels, and candles would be nice. 

A beautiful Spa-like shower with a bench would be lovely. So much of our lives are spent rushing around. Take some time out, your deserve it.  

A hot bath, and a facial steam is wonderful in the middle of Winter. Using your own dried flowers which you grew in the Summer is so satisfying. Visit The Camellia for dried petals, Silly Goats L…

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