Spring Ice/snow storms in Thunder Bay, The Camellia

orange and white tulips, Vancouver Island

It's almost May here in #ThunderBay, and we have been enjoying warm weather and no snow, and some of us were so sure Winter was over. We took our winter tires off, and removed our snow blowers from tractors, bought clotheslines, and other spring-fever related things. Then wham! A big Ice storm and now Snowstorm. Back on the tractor goes the Snowblower...!  Flights in and out of #ThunderBay have been cancelled, and many Events are cancelled. What we really want to see are flowerbeds filled with Tulips, and we're fantasizing about walking outside in sandals...

We dream of open water, the May long weekend, the start of Fishing season. What about you? Is the Winter over for you? what are you planning for the month of May? 

Rhodo Spring blooms

Pink Camellia, Thunder Bay

Looking at your Summer photos from last year always helps. You know the snow will melt again, and Spring will come, at some point. Please let it be soon!!

Robin shivering

Shivering Robin

In the meantime, stay safe during the storm, our Burlap Wreath class is cancelled tonight, and our store is closed until the storm passes. We are busy filling our Bird feeders and rescuing frozen Robins. Poor Birds. 

#MothersDay is coming up on May 14th. 2017. We have a great array of #GiftsforMum, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. We deliver in #ThunderBay and #SlateRiver. 
p (807)475-3551


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