Baby Boomers are smart people. Don't underestimate them.

Baby Boomers...there are a lot of us in the World. This term refers to babies born in the post World War 11 era, generally born between 1946-1965.  Opa Overmeer is a Baby Boomer. Sometimes Opa Overmeer gets attitude from people.....and it irritates the hell out of him.

Baby Boomers control a vast amount of wealth, and anyone dealing with this demographic would be wise to tread a bit more carefully around them. A lot of them own their own homes ( mortgage-free), have a few sportscars, and may own a second property in a warm climate. Statistically speaking, most Canadians become wealthy by inheritance. So if you piss off  Baby Boomers, guess what? It's going to a Homeless Dog Shelter, or a Hospital. Most Baby Boomers have worked their butts off trying to get ahead, and they don't want to see all their hard work go to persons who seem to have no ...(you finish that sentence...)

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Do not assume that they are computer-illiterate.

This applies to Bank Tellers, Investment advisors...., Cell phone companies, Internet providers, and so on. Especially don't talk to them ( a baby boomer)  in a condescending tone of voice in public...YOU KNOW...YOU HAVE TO GO ON THE WEBSITE AND ADD ...(blah.blah.blah) AS A PAYEE.

Note:  NOT ALL BABY BOOMERS ARE DEAF. Don't be surprised if they make a scene in public when you treat them like a stupid ***.

They have lived longer than you, and have far more experience. Learn from them. 

If they are asking you questions, stop pretending everything is ok. Listen, and learn from them. They were young too, and made mistakes. Why not learn from their mistakes? What does everyone want in Life....To be happy, healthy and enjoy Life. That is what they want for you, and your children. Blue skies ahead...we all want that.

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Baby Boomers do not want to live with non-stop DRAMA. 
If your Life consists of making up stuff, and inflicting misery and blame on others, don't expect that anyone is going to put up with it. If you have trauma you went through as a kid, go get some help. Do NOT inflict misery on other people's lives. Your Life is your own responsibility. 
If this is the way you want to live, then expect that Baby Boomers will distance themselves from you. What does this mean? No big, Family get-togethers. No invitations to go along on Overseas holidays. A horrible division of the Family may take place. This one is not speaking to that one. Polite tolerance. Baby Boomers may move to another city or Country.
Who wins in this scenario? NO ONE.
Who gets hurt? EVERYONE. Especially the little ones, who get torn apart in this mess.

Baby Boomers value every minute do any of us know how much longer we have above ground? Don't waste a Baby Boomer's time. 

Baby Boomers may be struggling with their own health problems. These problems may require vast amounts of time spent doing yoga and physical fitness, stress management, eating healthy, etc. They do not want to become a burden to their kids. They may be actively trying to stay healthy. They aren't there for you when you decide you need a Babysitter within the next hour? Everyone benefits from routine in their lives, so try setting some specific times for them to spend with their Grandchildren.

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Baby Boomers care deeply for their kids, however, there comes a time when they can no longer fix problems their kids have created. Everyone's Life is their own responsibility. So the next time, you feel inclined to get angry at a Baby Boomer in your Family, try thinking about things from their point of view. 

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