Enjoying Summer with the joy and abandon of a child.

person standing by ocean

What were you like as a Child? Most of us are happy and carefree. Jumping and running into the ocean at the day's end, even though it's cold and windy, and we're not sure if there is a change of clothes in the car. Sometimes the most incredible photos happen when you least expect them. 

summer ocean

Here you can feel the excitement as she runs into the waves, getting splashed by the cold water. Sometimes we forget that kids are precious, and we unknowingly inflict our scars and worries on them. They are only kids once, so let them be kids, before the burdens and responsibilities of adulthood take over. I can remember many a day spent on the Beach, wandering on the ocean's edge, listening to the waves, and searching for seashells. 

beach jumping

Whatever challenges you are facing today, take a moment to be transported back to your childhood, and happy times spent on the Beach. 

summer beach time

This summer, no matter how much work is on your plate, take a moment to stop by the Lake or the Ocean, and walk. Breathe in deeply, and remind yourself of all that is good in your Life. Have a great Summer!!  If you are driving the #LakeSuperiorCircleTour along Highway 61, near #ThunderBay, stop by and visit #TheCamellia. Pick up directions at the #OntarioTravelInformationCentre at  Pigeon River. We have hand-made Pottery, Cottage Paint, and much more! 
Open Wednesday through Sunday. 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario. 

hand made Lake Pottery The Camellia

sour apple cottage painted wooden chair The Camellia

A vintage wooden chair painted with Cottage Paint , colour Sour Apple.