Welcome to the New Year 2019!

snowy winter's day in Thunder Bay

Welcome 2019! The start of a New Year is somewhat like starting to write in a new notebook, blank pages ahead of you, a blank Calendar ahead of you, full of possibilities along with some challenges. What does this new Year represent to you...? A chance to start over with your list of goals and To-do's, regrets over what you did not get done in 2018, or a looking forward to what you would like to do in 2019? Most of us start with physical fitness, we vow to exercise more, and get outside more. 

olie bollen frying up

Of course, the Holidays would not be complete without all the eating of yummy food. And Old Years or as some know it, New Year's Eve, is for the eating of Oliebollen, a Dutch treat. Kind of like a fried donut with raisins, which is dipped in sugar, Yum!! 

new year's dutch treat - olie bollen


getting organized magazine BH&G

Our thoughts may turn to things we should be doing at the start of a New Year, like getting rid of unused stuff, and reorganizing what is left. 

Riviera maya beach mexico

But wait, what's this? Direct flights to warm places from Thunder Bay.....!!! Forget about the organizing... let's hit the beach and all that warm weather! Direct flights mean that you can leave Thunder Bay in the morning, and arrive by afternoon, and still have time to hit the beach before sundown!

Riviera maya beach Mexico

coconut palms in mexico

Don't you just love palm trees? And all that sunshine, warm weather, and sand. 

pink hibiscus in mexico

And these perfect Hibiscus blooms. 
Wishing you many blessings in 2019! 
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