Joyful Pansies

Pansies are Joyful and a great addition to a Northern Garden. They can stand the coolish Spring and Fall temperatures and just a few cut blossoms in a vase look amazing. If you plant them in your summer pots, deadheading is a must to prevent the plant from going to seed, and trimming it back in the Summer heat helps to keep the plants from becoming too messy. 
For those of you who love Pansies for cut Flowers, read what Floret Flowers has to say. 

lavender pansies in pots

pansies in pots

Floret Farm pansies

This photo is from Floret Farm's Facebook page, most of us grow pansies with tiny short stems, so make sure to read her article ( link above) to find out her how-to's. Will you plant Pansies in your Garden this year? 

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