Bringing your dead plant back to Life, the Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Most of us have killed a few houseplants......we didn't mean to, but well, there was that last-minute vacay to Mexico. You saw the deal, packed that same day, boarded the plane the next morning, and totally forgot to water your plants or arrange for a plant-sitter. You return home, all rested from your vacay, and catch sight of your plants, completely limp and keeled over.
girl watering houseplant

Can they be saved? Click on this link to read about how you can bring your dead plant back to life. 
Here at The Camellia, we love plants, but everyone gets busy, and sometimes we forget to water. Sometimes bugs destroy our houseplants. Other times our plants need repotting into a bigger pot. 

flowering french lilacs Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay

It's summer here in Thunder Bay. We have had a lot of hot weather and high humidity, which has produces wonderful Garden blooms. These are our French Lilacs. 

pink peonies in Garden Hacquoil Rd. slate River

Peonies always put on a show in the Garden. 

purple anemone bloom

This spring, we planted some Anemone bulbs, which produced this pretty bloom. 

highway 61 The Camellia sign

If you're driving along Hwy. 61, stop by and visit us here at The Camellia. We are open Wednesday through Sunday, from 12 to 5p. 
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