Dear Adult child....from Mom.

You there....sitting in the therapist's chair...blaming something or the other on your Mother. Yes, you. Granted, you may very well be right, the reason you are so confused may be because of your Mother, or your Father, or the teacher who consistently gave you low grades in High school, or whoever. It's someone else's fault, it's always someone else's fault, some horrible event that happened, why do these horrible things always happen to me? 

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Let's go through some of the horrible things Moms do: 
My Mom never let me have my girlfriends stay overnight ( Son says), you were a harsh Mother. You never liked any of my friends I brought Home. All you cared about was your job. 

What else? .... those of you reading this can add to this list. No child comes with an instruction manual. As parents, we just do the best that we can. The adult child says..." I'll do better, I'll get help, I'm sorry....." 

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Well Adult Child, Mothers get tired. If they are sick with chronic pain, they are even more tired. 
When you come over to visit, pick up after yourself. Just because we picked up after you when you were little, doesn't mean that we should be picking up your s*** for the rest of our life before we head into the Nursing Home. 

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Mothers have dreams too. Things they want to accomplish now that their children aren't little. Careers put on hold. Travel plans put on hold. Money they have worked hard for, flying out the door for Help for You. You, who don't want to help yourself. Of course, we feel anger, and resentment. We love our children, but some days it's so hard.

Is it so wrong to want a life that's peaceful, and happy? Are we never allowed to be happy because your Life is always in turmoil?

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Oh,  how we wish we could turn the clock back and be a better parent to you. How we should have watched out for that group of friends. How we should have done..........., and that....
We wish for you to be healed, to be whole, and to be HAPPY.

Love Always, Mom & Dad.