Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why are we so BUSY? The disease of being Busy..The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Busyness is like a disease....everyone you meet is BUSY. What is going on? Are we trying to cram too much into a day? Maybe we don't know how to Relax anymore and feel guilty for not responding to every ding on our phones. Here is a thought-provoking article on this topic. 

Our Grapevine wreath from our own grapevines at the back of our shop, entwined with some lycopodium from the forest floor. Take time out today to go for a walk outside, you will feel so much better.

It's nice to see that friends take time off to go Shopping at The Camellia!

Treat yourself to Goat Milk Soap from #Beekman1802, in stock at #TheCamellia. You're worth it. Take some time out to pamper yourself. Time for some self-care.

Squirrels always seem so busy, collecting pinecones, stealing some from my deck, and building neat little piles around the base of our evergreens. 

For most of us, the only time we relax is when we take time off for a Vacation. Here we are in Jamaica, in the wonderful Caribbean.

There is something to be said for beach, sunshine and miles of sand. 

Parties on the  Beach are lots of fun. 

In the midst of this Holiday season of Joy and celebration, take time to just be, to relax, and take care of yourself first.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Valley Harvest Art Fest 2016, Belluz Farms, Slate River Valley, On

Fall Festivals are so much fun. This was the first year for  Valley Harvest Art Fest! This event took place at Belluz Farms, in scenic Slate River Valley.

A cheery welcome of local Sunflowers, and your admission ticket gave you a chance at winning one of the many Prizes. 

 Corn on the Con grown at Belluz Farms. Local food. Craft Beers. Art. Photography. Potters. Painters. Wreath makers. Clothing designers. Bakers, and so much more. 

Wolfhead Coffee.

The Bakeshop on Boundary, by the time I was able to get over there, everything was sold out. I had been watching people go by with cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting. Sigh...

Painting parties in your Home. 

Farmhouse style Artwork by MaryAnn Bryenton of Candy mountain Studio. p-(807)472-8688.

Photography by Susan Dykstra of Window Light Photography. 

  Edgy clothing from Trevor: BURNT clothing for those extreme sport types and wannabes. 

Check out their online store at or check out their Facebook page

 And we were there (The Camellia) showcasing our Cottage/Chalk Paint, and Barnboard paint. 

And on the way home after the Festival, a Rainbow over the mountains.  A perfect end to an Art Fest! For Wreaths, Chalky Paint, bedding, and unique Hand-made Gifts, visit The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River.
Open every day except Mon & Tues. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Have you ever visited someone and sat on a couch that was covered in plastic?

Yep, that's right, a couch covered in clear plastic. And worse yet, if you're in a hot country and wearing shorts, then you try to get up, and the ****!!!! plastic is sticking to your leg. Has this happened to you? These are formal Living rooms that no-one except "Company" sits in. Memories of the Victorian parlour where visitors to the home were formally received.

Thank goodness those days are gone. No more formal, stuffy Living rooms that no-one uses.  Today's homes are comfy, beautiful & functional. 

Photos taken at STRUTUBE , Shops at Don Mills, 1082 Don Mills Rd. Toronto, On.  Thankfully, no plastic required on today's furniture.

Sectionals are a great option when space is limited. And the pieces at Structube are functional, and you gotta love the price! Very reasonable. . Their style is definitely modern. 

Furniture used to be a major investment, now, prices have definitely gone down, with IKEA on the market, ASHLEY and other manufacturers. Parts of  furniture are produced off-shore where labour is cheap and there are less Safety and pollution standards, then shipped to North America and assembled here. We purchased a buffet and hutch from A***** a while ago, the off-gassing inside the cupboards from whatever varnish they used lasted a long, long time. Not so good when you are storing food products in cabinets. Of course, there are many older people getting rid of their solid, wood furniture on Kijiji, and another great place is the Salvation Army Thrift stores. Here's a set of chairs which we saw beside a dumpster. Chairs may have been salvaged with #CottageChalkyPaint, which we sell at #TheCamellia.

Use #CottagePaint to make your own #Barnboard. 

Turn new wood into Barnboard with Cottage Paint

Learn how to turn new wood into old barnwood with Cottage paint.  Barnboard can be costly and hard to find. The techniques you learn in class will allow you to create wall coverings, window or door mouldings, furniture pieces , and feature walls. All supplies are included in the class fee, you will be going home with your piece of new barnboard.. Price of $50.85 includes hst. DATE: September 16th, 2016. 7.30-8.30p. Call 475-3551 to pre-register for this workshop.

If you are doing a complete Room makeover ( as so often happens, you replace 1 thing and the rest of the room looks shabby), use #SerenityCottagePaint on your walls. Another choice is to use #Farrow&Ball paint....and their gorgeous Wallpapers, 

For help in decorating your rooms, and for #CottagePaint in Thunder Bay, Visit The Camellia.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Visit to Rachel Ashwell's Prairie Ranch, Part 2

This is the Road coming into the Ranch, with Bluebonnets in the field to the left ( National flower of Texas)

                      This used to be the store, excuse our finger in there. 

Here we are on the Porch of the Shabby Shack ( former store) , now a Guest house. 
Temperature is in the 70's, damp and rainy. humid. When the driver pulled up, and our Guest saw the sign for the Ranch, it was such an emotional moment, she just started crying. She was so excited to be there, How did this fascination with  Shabby chic style start? Do you have one? 

 First Guests went to the main office in Rangers house, and were shown to their rooms, Rachel is very casual, very personal, she would wait on you almost. She sat and watched a movie with her guests, made hot chocolate, etc. No-one wanted to leave was very comfortable . When Rachel started designing, she wanted a house that looked nice, but functioned with kids and pets. Her company started with slipcovers. her husband named the company Shabby Chic. (  A castle described as shabby chic) 

Screened Porches are lovely - just outside  your room. One can imagine sitting here in the early mornings, in  meditation.

Guests are from different parts of the globe. 

A Bathroom in one of the Guesthouses - in the Meadow Manor. Complete with a Clawfoot Tub, beadboard & original tile.

Shabby Chic distressed Paint finishes - similar to #CottagePaint which we sell here at #TheCamellia. 

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper on the walls.  We know Rachel  fancies this brand of Wallpaper, this is in the  Meadow manor. This is Rachel's own line of furniture, all down-filled, super comfy.

Bedroom in the Meadow Manor, Someone posed the question, "how do you get the duvets so fluffy?"  She puts 2 in the same cover. It was very quiet, peaceful. Sinking into this environment...a decorating escape, a haven, one can imagine setting up your house just like this. 

Old Vintage cupboard - maybe upper Kitchen cabinets  in their former life. What a neat idea!

You can imagine puttering around in here, the smell of potting soil, clay pots.
Special thanks to Tanya, for the photos and the Tour. 

For Vintage decor, Shabby-chic Rachel Ashwell-inspired,  #Cottage/chalkyPaint, white bedding, and so much more, Visit #TheCamellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On.