Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sweet Trailer Makeover with Cottage Paint

Ever dream of finding an old Fixer-Upper of a trailer? And doing it all up so that it looks like Mary Jane's Farm Glamp Camps or Rachel Ashwell's Prairie Cottages? 

Camp - getting away from it all. Glamping is still getting away from it all, but having the comfort of a nice,fluffy mattress, and a chandy, and clean, white walls,  and wine , and chocolates.....
This hand-hewn wooden paddle is for sale at our store, The Camellia.

The owner did an incredible amount of work to redo this trailer, replacing the floor, repainting all the walls and cabinets. Before the walls were all dark panelling. How much brighter the walls are now! In a small space, painting everything one colour lends a wonderful cohesiveness to the space. 

The old cabinets were given a Makeover with Serenity #CottagePaint. Love the oval painted mirror!

A cozy bench providing seating or a place to relax and read. 

This is the inspiration behind it all ...Rachel Ashwell's book, open at a photo of a mound of peonies.

Such a cozy can imagine laying here, away from phones, TV and media. Some ME time.

Love this old, wooden, Army cot. It folds up easily ( we have 1 for sale at The Camellia), Camp isn't complete with out comfy cushions and flowers. 

Putting up photos of Happy times, & cherished memories.

Look at what a bit of lace can do, the screens are still there, but now they are so much more...because Pretty matters. 

What Camping Makeover are you planning? Head to The Camellia for expert help in picking the perfect colour of #CottagePaint, for Camp sayings, the  #CottageLife Bedding collection, and so much more ..linens, Lace, lanterns.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

A Visit to Kakabeka Falls, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The sound of rushing water is especially attractive when the weather is really, really hot, as it is now in Thunder Bay. With all the rainfall we have had recently, Kakabeka Falls is truly a must-see when you visit Thunder Bay.

Waterfalls are wonderful to view and the sound of the rushing water just cools you off, especially today when it's plus 30 C.

Of course, with all the Rain we've been having, the mosquitoes are plentiful. 

Our Summer must-have - A Mosquito net, with a base circumference of 40 ft. It folds up into a lightweight bag of about 1 ft. in diameter. Perfect for Campers, hikers, wedding ceremonies, Gardens, and porches. We also have No-see-um nets, which have 256 holes per square inch. No-see-ums are so annoying, especially when it's really hot and you're sleeping with the windows open, and they get through the screens and bite you. 

Make sure to buy our Beekman 1802 bug repellent. It really does keep the bugs away. 

When it's really hot, make like  a South American,  find a shady spot on a veranda, hang a hammock, plug in a fan, and laze around and do nothing. 

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Growing Lavender in your Garden

How many of you share our Love for Lavender? What a wonderful smell it has, it has a very calming effect, and fills you with a sense of well being. The benefits of Lavender are many, we firmly believe that everyone should have Lavender in your home. Click on the link below for a great article on how to grow Lavender. 

Bees love Lavender..bees that gather pollen from Lavender bushes  produce a special type of lavender flavoured honey. This variety is called Spanish Lavender. Just rubbing a bloom between your fingers gives off a wonderful aroma.

At The Camellia, we carry Lavender Spa and Skincare from Neob Lavender, from Niagara-on-the-Lake. Their products are wonderful, and make a lovely Gift or a treat for you!

Need bunches of dried Lavender? We sell them at The Camellia, they are grown on Vancouver Island.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Planting Containers for Shade

It's finally GREEN in Slate River Valley, especially with all the rain we have had lately, don't you just love that fresh, bright, limey green on the mountains?

Have you been visiting the greenhouses lately, wondering what to plant in Shade? Fuschia is a great hanging plant for shade, and the hummingbirds love the blooms. 

Start with a good mix of black soil, peat moss, manure or triple 17 or triple 20 fertilizer. 

We are planting trailing lobelia( tiny blue flowers), coleus, German Ivy, and Begonias. 

Adding dwarf Bananas as the feature in the middle of the planter. These overwintered indoors, and they did well outside last summer. 

There, all planted , with the addition of Heavenly Blue Morning glory at the back of the planter. We used a Cottage Paint stencil on this planter ( last summer). 

The final touch is  moss, place this on top of any exposed soil, keeps the blooms clean when it rains, hopefully will stop critters from digging in the planters, and keeps roots moist in really hot weather. 

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