Friday, February 10, 2017

How to Catch up on all those "I want to do -------, but I have no time!"

photos to be put into a scrapbook

How many of us have projects that we have bought supplies for, and saved up for many years, and have never gotten around to doing it, we say to ourselves, we have no time, there are not enough hours in the day, and so on. We take thousands of photos( with digital cameras it's quite easy to do this), and we never print them. We buy scrapbooks, photo corners, scrapbook paper, and more supplies, and feel overwhelmed when we look at our piles. There are lots of digital Photobook services such as Shutterfly, again this involves more time. 

scrapbook, photo, memories, The Camellia

Well, it's a simple as gathering all your supplies in one place, and starting on the project. Once you have 1 page done, hope returns and if you just concentrate on getting 1 page done, it does get finished. If you panic and think about the 2,000 photos, you never move forward from panic mode to getting it done mode. What awesome Holiday did you go on, and you meant to get a photo album done, but never seem to get to it? Winter days are perfect for all of your unfinished projects.

photo corners, holiday photo books, the Camellia Thunder Bay

All you need is an album with removable pages, some sticky photo corners, and tickets and tourist information you may have picked up while on holiday. 

Birch, winter, walk, The Camellia

Winter in Thunder Bay is great for just heading outside (after layering up) and going for a walk. It's so quiet and peaceful in the countryside. 

Birdwatching, winter feeding , The Camellia

winter feeding of birds, chickadee, snow, The Camellia Thunder Bay

Of course, Winter is great for Bird-watching, all you have to do is keep those feeders filled with sunflower seeds. Do leave us a comment below if you can relate to having many unfinished projects laying around your home. We would love to hear from you! 

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spring Home & Garden Show Thunder Bay , 2017

Plan to attend the Spring Home and Garden Show 2017, taking place at the C.L.E Grounds, on April 7, 8, and 9 of 2017. 

Click on this blog link for more information! See you there! #TheCamellia will be there with Chalky/Cottage Paint and #Farrow&Ball. 

Yellow tulips

tulips and muscari in bloom

Pink cherry blossoms spring

Medieval Cottage Paint at The Camellia

Visit  #TheCamellia at the  #SpringHomeandGardenshow 2017, in the Coliseum Building. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spring Prelude, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Slate River, Ontario

Snow on trees in a winter field

Winter months in Northwestern Ontario can be somewhat challenging, with very low temperatures, but this year we were blessed with warmer than normal temperatures. What a treat to be able to go for a walk every day, and not freeze! The down side was that there wasn't as much sunshine as we usually have, and today it's February 1st. and it's sunny, but cold weather has definitely returned. 

Trees covered in green moss line a pathway in Belgium.

This is the time of year when some of us are craving green, and I usually pull out my #Summer photos, or in this case, my photos from #Holland and Belgium.  It's so damp  that most trees are covered in a very fine, green moss. 

Floral designs with Gerbs, Ti Leaf and gloriosa lilies.

Stunning #Floraldesigns with Gerberas, gloriosa lilies, and Ti Leaf. 

Dutch wooden shoes outside a Home in Holland

A collection of Dutch wooden shoes outside of a home in the Countyside in Holland. 

Brick laid in circular pattern in garden

Cobblestone makes you think of #spring and #grass and #gardening. 

bunny, spring, grass

#Spring and Easter and #Babybunnies. So cute, you just want to reach out and pet and cuddle. 

Want to send a Gift to someone in #ThunderBay or #SlateRiver, Ontario? Call #theCamellia for #Spring potted bulb gardens. The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to get Lavender-scented Sheets & how to wash Alpaca blankets, The Camellia

colourful Alpaca blanket in LG front-loader washing machine

Sometimes you have very special blankets like this Alpaca Blanket from Peru, this one is supposed to be safe to wash on a gentle cycle in the machine. Use a gentle detergent like our Grosso #Lavender from the #Neob Lavender Farm in Niagara-on-the-lake. Use the gentle, hand-wash cycle on cold. 

Neob Lavender laundry detergent use for washables on gentle cycle like this Alpaca balnket.

The smell of Fresh #Lavender fields on your sheets and blankets is just wonderful, and #Lavender helps you sleep. A proper night's sleep is all important. 

wash sheets with Neob Lavender detergent for wonderful smelling sheets

Here are our very favourite Sheets getting washed in Neob Lavender washing detergent....smells wonderful. You know how front loaders get that nasty, moldy sort of smell? This Lavender detergent seems to get rid of that, leaving a clean, fragrant smell of Lavender. While we are on the subject of washing sheets, always wash your sheets by themselves in a separate load. Do not wash sheets together with fleece and sweats, otherwise you will get pilling. 

Get Grosso Lavender laundry detergent from the Camellia, all -natural, made in Niagara-on-the-lake

Where can you buy this? We sell it here at our store, #TheCamellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. 

white screen-printed pillow with word Relax, buy it at The Camellia

In today's stressed-out world, filled with all kinds of drama, it is so important to remind yourself to take some time out and relax. This Relax cushion is  a great reminder. 

Microfibre quilt set with 2 shams in Queen at The Camellia.

New Spreads and pillows are a great way to spruce up your Bedroom. Ask about our microfiber quilts and pillow shams in Queen size, priced at $79.00 plus taxes. Colours are soft and in a neutral palette. 

The oh-so-popular grey tones, paired with a Cottage Paint Barnboard headboard or feature wall. Learn this technique at one o four classes at

Comfy throws, 50x60", washable, buy at The Camellia

You can never have enough soft, comfy throws, these are a generous size and priced at $29.95 ea. 

Here is a cheery bouquet from our last year's #Summer Garden... Visit The Camellia at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, On. p(807)475-3551. 
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Caribbean person's Guide to surviving Winter when it's minus 27.

I grew up close to the Equator, where it was an even 85-95 degrees every day.  Days like today are a' so cold it takes your breath  away when you go outside. Time to dig out your Summer many of you take lots of photos, and never look at them?  I spotted this barn when I was out doing deliveries one the patina on the barnboard. 

It's a good time to sit and read all those magazines and books.....preferably by a warm, crackling fire.

It's a great time to plan your #CottagePaint projects for the Winter - no need to wait until Summer to paint, Cottage Paint is low VOC and water-based. 

The temptation is to stay indoors and eat ....yummy just-baked Raisin bread. 

Pull out your Winter holiday photos from last year and start putting them into scrapbooks and albums. 

Surround yourself with Flowers! Flowers and plants just make you feel better! Visit us here at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. We will be Open from Thursday Jan. 12th. 2017. 
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Trying to change Habits - New Year's Resolutions 2017.

It's the start of a New Year, and we feel obligated to change our lives, we resolve to be a better - - ( you fill in the blank). Self-examination is painful, it's easier to blame someone or something for your problems. 

And for every situation, there is a  person with the questionable behaviour, and there is a person putting up with the not-so-great behaviour. The more you put up with questionable behaviour, the more the other person thinks it's ok, and continues doing what he or she is doing. 

Who...? Me..I'm innocent, how could you even think I would do that?
What do you do if you have a task that has to be done, and you don't want to do it? Some of us procrastinate by heading off to snack on bad stuff, to stress eat. The trick is to make your Life consist of ONLY things you WANT to do, as opposed to things you HAVE TO DO. 

This article is a great motivational read.

So ask yourself...what motivates you?

What do you want more than anything else right now? 

Then go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday & New Year Gift Delivery, Thunder Bay, Slate River, On

Christmas has snuck up on Opa Overmeer , and he hasn't started his Christmas shopping. He called and asked us for ideas. 

Antique Sock stretchers - a perfect Gift. 

Here in Slate River, it's snowing at the moment, so we are hoping to get some more snow cover on the ground before January and February. 

Designed at The Camellia: faux centerpieces which make a great gift for the whole family. 

Osier Dogwood Wreath - we have 1 of these left in Silver. 

Oyster Pottery bowls from Mussels 'n More - you can order by phone from #theCamellia, and we can gift box and deliver. Lovely Gift for someone with a home in Mink Mountain.  

Lake themed cushions for that friend who lives on the Lake, or for the friend who wishes she lived on the Lake. 

Organic Lemongrass Gift set from #Neob Lavender - a wonderful citrusy, pick-me-up Gift for a friend. 

Large pottery Platters - perfect for Holiday entertaining. Hand made Pottery from Mussels 'n More. 

Give a Gift of a hand-made Mussels 'n More Pottery mug... in Ivory and Navy as well. Microwave & dishwasher safe. $49.00 + taxes. 

Want to send something that's long-lasting and not seasonal? Ask for the Wave Bokay ( in photo above), and all-round design perfect for anywhere in the home,, priced at $149.00 + taxes and delivery. 
The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On.
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